Blood Pressure Measurement

What is Blood Pressure

It is the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels.Blood pressure usually expressed in the terms of systolic and diastolic  pressures.It is measured in millimeters of mercury[mmHg].Sphygmomanometer, a device used  to measure BP.

Normal resting blood pressure in adult will be the 120/80.low blood pressure is said to be hypotential,whereas high blood pressure is known as hypertension.often long-term hypertension leads to heart stroke,kidney failure and etc.

 Control BP -

Causes of High BP

  1. Excessive consumption of salt
  2. Excess tensions
  3. Due to increased age
  4. Lack of body exercises and etc

Tips to normalize hypertension to normal BP

  1. Consult a doctor
  2. Be tension free
  3. Make regular body exercises
  4. Perform yoga with peace mind
  5. Use prescribed BP tablets
  6. Make monthly  BP check up
  7. Avoid salt foods
  8. Avoid spicy food
  9. Prefer leafy vegetables
  10. Power up with potassium