Hair Care Tips: 13 Ways to Maintain Healthy & Natural Hairs

Hair is the most important thing in every ones life. Hair makes a person look smart and beautiful. To get hair strong two most things are very important. They  are iron and protein. Hair can be coloured, trimmed, shaved, plucked  or otherwise removed with treatments.

Nowadays  many hair care products are introduced such as shampoos, hair conditioners and etc. scalp skin must be kept very carefully because hair production takes place through it. Cleaning the scalp regularly results in hair loss.

Hair Care Tips

 Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

  1. Make your scalp to be wet
  2. Use less amount of shampoo and massage over it
  3. Dry your hair with a towel
  4. Maintain small hair cut
  5. Eat the iron and protein rich foods
  6. Avoid heat styling tools
  7. Skip the daily shampoo
  8. Brush your hair[comb]
  9. Make your hair knot before going to bed, to be free from tangle
  10. Get hair treatments on regular intervals to boost your hair health
  11. Oil your hair atleast twice in a week
  12. Avoid harmful colors and use natural products like henna
  13. Consume more water


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