Drug Addiction – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

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Drug Addiction

A drug is a substance that is inhaled,injected,smoked,consumed via a patch on the skin.Drugs used to cure diseases are known as medicines.whereas drugs  used for mental pleasure are known as illegal drugs.It is caused by neurochemical reactions.

Usage of drugs for mental pleasure are illegal.excess usage of drugs leads to side effects and drug addiction.Drug Addiction is a chronic disease that affects your brain and behaviour.Youth is mostly being attracted towards drugs.

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Reasons to addict Drug 

  • Psychological trauma,including loss of loved ones
  • High stress ,strain
  • Exposure to substance abuse at young age
  • Experimenting with drugs

 Tips to quit drug addiction

  1.  Consult a doctor
  2. Visit a counselor
  3. Plan out your day without drugs
  4. Be honest with yourself
  5. Be patience
  6. Make regular exercises and stay fit and healthy
  7. Perform yoga and meditation daily
  8. Always be with the good supportive people
  9. Focus on building a new life
  10. Get a job and engage in it

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