Gambling Addiction – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

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Gambling belongs to the games category. It is the activity of betting money.Usually people show much interest on gambling.Gambling is a crime in India. Normally people try to get profit in it,but in some situations they loose it.

peopleare being  addicted to gambling due to their financial problems.gambling addiction often puts ones life in risk.many people gamble for fun and entertainment.For others it becomes an addiction and a financial burden.

Gambling Addiction -

Causes for gambling addiction

Financial problems, existing addictions etc.

Tips to avoid gambling addiction

  1. Recognize your problem
  2. Understand the risk of gambling
  3. Be honest about your gambling
  4. Visit a counselor
  5. Medication
  6. Psychotheraphy
  7. Regular exercises
  8. Yoga
  9. Have patience to tolerate tasks
  10. Be away to gambling friends

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