Tips To Avoid Internet & How To Study More Effective

July 29, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: Addiction.

Largest LAN [local area network] is INTERNET.Internet is connecting us all over the world,not only connecting but also it makes us addict to it.Most of the youth in the world being addicted to such source.Leisure time surfing of sites leads to internet Addiction.

Internet Addiction -

Internet will be the major prior important than any other to internet addicters. Most of the people including children spending their time in social media such as whats app,face book, twitter and etc.People those who are suffering with internet addiction spends less time with family,friends and etc.

Effects of Internet Addiction

Causes severe stress on  Family, friends, one’s work environment

Tips to quit internet addiction;

  • Be away to the smart phones,computers and laptops
  • In holidays try to Schedule your day with outdoor games and internetless activities
  • Delete useless accounts
  • Turn off notifications
  • Throw yourself into studies and work
  • Develop new hobbies
  • Make regular jogging or walking
  • Keep an addiction journal
  • Visit a therapist
  • Seek help from rehabilitation centre
  • Talk with friends and relatives instead of chatting with them
  • Hang out with friends

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