Tips To Avoid Smartphone & Internet Use

July 29, 2018 | By admin | Filed in: Addiction.

Smart Phone Addiction

Nowadays smart phones are ruling the world.Including in children hands too smart phones are existing.Nomophobia is a disease that related to smart phone addiction.people with Nomophobia wont leave the phone even  for a minute.

Actually children begin to addict to smart phones with games.Whereas adults begin their addiction with social medias.Addiction to smart phones makes reduce in personal relationships.

Smart Phone Addiction -

 Tips to avoid mobiles

  • Put your smart phone away
  • Change your mindset about your phone
  • Keep busy yourself
  • Notify your friends about the issue
  • Ask for understanding
  • Take a cell phone holiday
  • Set out a phoneless trips with friends or family
  • Try to meditate peacefully
  • Play out door games like cricket,football,kabaddi and etc
  • Give up all phone activities atleast for a week
  • Replace your habits

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