Tips to Quit Smoking – Avoid Smoking

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Excess usage of cigarette leads to smoking Addiction.It is a type of addiction for smoke which consists of harmful tobacco inside cigarette.Most of the people believe that smoking makes a person feel stressless.Nowadays smoking has become a part of our life.Its usage leads to lungs problems like cancer,TB (tuber culosis) and etc.

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 Why people addict?

  1. Due to anxiety ,nervous
  2. Irritation ,frustration
  3. Depression
  4. Restlessness
  5. Tensions
  6. Relaxation of mind

Tips – Quit smoking addiction

Have self control over yourself.while some other people go for cold turkey to quit from smoking.By making proper plan you  can quit  smoking in 2 to 3 weeks by following these guide lines.

  1. Using of nicotine products
  2. Chewing gum
  3. Spend time with non smoking friends
  4. Relax with deep breathing
  5. Drink lots of water
  6. Make regular exercises
  7. Spend more time with your kids
  8. getting professionals help
  9. be away from smokers
  10. know about health diseases of smoking

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